Testi – M.F.K.R.


Pentex sucks! Pentex sucks!
They drain the life force of my tribe
Pentex sucks!
Bonegnawers suck! Bonegnawers suck!
They roll around in garbage bins
All Bonegnawers suck!!
(Pentex is bleeding but night is falling)
The Black Hand sucks! The Black Hand sucks!!
Those wyrm-tainted bastard leeches
Black Hand sucks!
If I had my way! If I had my way!
I’d rend them all ripped and torn
(Sweet smell bleeding glow is melting me)
I bring my klave into battle
Shifting into Crinos – I slay wyrmfoe
Then I step sideways….
You can’t see me, for I hide within the Umbra.



Gently my mind escapes into the relaxing mode of pleasure
A pleasure that will take my mind off the reality of life
My past life
Life as I know it know
And whatever may come it slowly disappears
To somewhere in the back of my mind
It will remain there until I wish to retrieve it
Yes I will stay here for awhile for I need the break
A break from the pressures of life
And everything that lay in the palm of life’s hands
This mode is incredible
It’s out of this world
Too bad I must always leave it
But that’s life
That’s life


Do Nothing/Bitchslap

The system has failed and you have failed with it
No time to care, just time to say “Who gives a shit?”
My mind boils as I’ve decided I’m through
Fuck your position in life. I’m taking vengence on you
I break down the walls of the political arena
Cast the vote on FN-FAL, yeah, we’ll be seein’ ya!
(Protect yourself)
I want to put a cap right in your asshole
You step to this, you’re gonna pass
for a lump of dogshit in the grass
So, be on your way and get some class
Chop down the big-wigs, shoot the telelvisions, too
My mind boils in life as I’ve decided I’m through
The guilty of crimes will be hung from the trees
Spit and punches arise from you and me
Sit back and do nothing if that’s what you want to do
I will have my reign as king, when I take vengence on you.


Only One

Made to order
Sittin’, slappen, scatt’n on my back, try’n to relax
Think’n about the facts of the crack runnin’ through the pack
Division in thought about the war to be fought
For tryin’ to mend the ranks, still I get no thanks
They say they mean no disrespect, but dis’ is in effect
I take to heart the part I play everyday
Uninformed is one thing, stupid is another
Keep runnin’ your mouth, but don’t call me brother
I’m try’n to find someone on my side
Cause bangin heads all the time
Starts to grind at my gear and at my will
But persistent I am still
So when one insubordinate fucker tries to test me
Blow to the head, then an entrail rend
Guts on the floor, but you want more
Show you the strength of the tenth rank
Pain is the only way to teach kids these days
Opened your eyes. Now realized.
Talk back to me. Your punk-ass dies.
Only one of us walks away
I’m all you know. Where will you go.
Valhalla is gone. Along with your soul.
Only one of us walks away!


Tattered And Torn

Tattered and Torn
That’s where my soul is worn
Tattered and Torn
That’s when I was born
Tattered and Torn
I broke away from me
Tattered and Torn
I knocked me to my knees
Tattered and Torn
I drink my own cells
Tattered and Torn
A decomposing well
Tattered and Torn
Roaches in my head
Tattered and Torn
I become the living dead
Tattered and Torn
Tearing myself apart from the
Things that make me hurt.



I know you don’t want to see
I know you’re not part of me
But you wonder just the same
So I’ll let you in on this game
What’s on the top is just the beginning
Of the protectorate that keeps Gaia spinning
It never ends, and with the gifts Luna sends to the apocalypse
On we defend for the right to live in a perfect world
For our past mistakes, extinction we are hurled
Trying to make amends for the Impergium
As Weaver and the Wyld and a bitch called the Wyrm
(You don’t want to know)
All the power of the Wyld that runs through me
Yet the reason why is an answer that eludes me
(You don’t want to see)
Our viewpoint on what mankind is doing
That black inside when frenzy is brewing
(You don’t want to feel)
The sorrow that my heart holds in knowing
Just where my hopes and dreams are going
(I won’t let you be)
Caught up in a war that you are not part of
I sign this letter Your Father, With Love
I’m trying to set my mind free
I’m sorry you never knew me
My soul is in recession
Painful to make this confession!


Some Feel

Some feel I don’t exist
Never believing in what they see
Some feel that I am not fair
I leave no time for repentance
Tearing the vail Mending the vail
Tearing the vail
Some feel I bare the mark of man
A misguided philosophy
Some feel I kill for fun
I kill for life!
I can’t escape what Gaia’s left for me / No more
I can’t deny the lack of morality / No less
Need time to think need time to think
Need to spill blood so I can drink
Take whay they give take what they give
Some feel I’m dead yet still I live
They don’t know I’m immortal
They don’t know they’re just cattle
They don’t know I’m eternal


Killers Are Quiet

Cycle of life and death supposedly
Goes ‘round and ‘round yet it stops with me
Glorious hunter of my faith I have sinned
Killers are quiet like the the breath of the wind
Filling the shadows with forms of my own
Raised by kindred of Get I was born
Abomination world in disarray
Killers are quiet when they seek the vitae
Reflection beckons a portal shard
Spiritual quest I must stay in guard
Stepping sideways betweens worlds I shift
Killers are quiet when they are born with the gift
Beautiful Anguish cast out by my race
Now one that’s Ageless I save my own face
I write my own laws with Death I break bread
Killers are quiet when they come from my head.